the Season of colds in the Northern territory begins earlier and, accordingly, the campaign starts with the beginning of autumn. However, in Moscow this season’s flu shot will also begin on 1 September.

“it is Important to select personnel who are most vulnerable to complications of influenza,” – said the Minister.

He said to vaccinate physicians “must”. As for the population, it must follow the recommendations of medical professionals. Usually first vaccinated risk groups – the elderly, children, pregnant women, chronically ill, suffering from cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, diabetes.

the plan being vaccinated against seasonal influenza before August 31 will receive 50% of vaccine doses. In southern regions, where influenza occurs later, the vaccine will be supplied from September to October. This year the task is to vaccinate against influenza to 60% of the population, up to 75% of this amount should be the face of risk.

this year, who replaced three of the component in the recommended influenza vaccines for the epidemic season 2020/2021 years for the Northern hemisphere. “We got new strains of influenza viruses from the who in March, and then our company began to produce antigen for the actual vaccines that will be applied sometime in the fall. In Russia mass immunization is the Russian safe drugs that demonstrated efficacy in past epidemic seasons of influenza and SARS. They are created entirely from domestic components”,- commented on the immunobiological company is the operator of the vaccination program in the framework of the National calendar.