To be infected with the coronavirus using the products, only if they touched the infected people, said "Star" microbiologist Eugene Plisov.

When the party Packed food store infection cannot be transmitted, he added.

"to Say that the virus in some kind of product and you will get — such evidence was not. Of course, to be infected with the coronavirus through food is possible, if the person who is infected, coughed into his hand and it sends a package of food or the food itself, then you touched the food, and touched the face, then Yes, infection is possible," — explained the specialist.

As Sweden took a gamble with the coronavirus

According to the world health organization in the world, the coronavirus has infected more than 5.5 million people, more than 350 thousand died. In Russia have revealed 379 thousand cases COVID-19, about 4,000 people died, nearly 150 thousand recovered.


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