the Actor Mikhail Efremov, staged a fatal accident in Moscow, was diagnosed with chronic alcoholism. This writes the Mash.

it is Noted that with such a diagnosis Ephraim faces life driving ban. This investigation intends to apply to the court.

Previously, the forensic psychiatric examination found the actor responsible.

the Lawyer Efremova Elman Pashayev said that information about diagnosis is not true.

“If he had a chronic [alcohol], it would not play and would not be paid actor”, – said Pashayev channel “360”.

He added that the media is so trying to “to raise the rating or your status.”

the accident with the participation of Michael Ephraim happened on the evening of 8 June in Central Moscow on the Garden ring. Actor in a jeep drove into the oncoming lane, where it collided with a courier van. The accident killed the driver of the van, 57-year-old Ryazantsev Sergey Zakharov.

it was Later revealed that Ephraim in the time of the accident was drunk in his blood was found at 2.1 ppm, which is equivalent to drinking a bottle of vodka. In addition, the analysis found traces of cocaine and cannabis.

currently, Ephraim is charged with violation of traffic rules, which entailed by negligence the death of a person and committed by a person in a state of intoxication (paragraph “a” of part 4 of article 264 of the criminal code). He faces from five to 12 years in prison.

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