the feast of the Holy Trinity (Pentecost), celebrated on 7 June, the head of the Synodal Department for external Church relations Metropolitan Hilarion spoke about the new rules for members coming to the service in the temples.

Metropolitan Hilarion announced that opened on the eve of the Trinity churches have introduced a number of sanitary rules, which are dictated by the combat coronavirus infections. After two months of forced isolation, now everyone can go to Church, but enter into it only wearing a mask. Employees are required to give a medical mask, if a member came without it. The second condition – on everyone should have no less than four individual square meters. As reported by Hilarion, for each Church counted the approximate number of parishioners and caused marking. Those who do not have enough space inside, are invited to listen to the stream in the street.

Kissing icons in some churches (the local superiors) cancel. The temple solved the problem otherwise – after each touch the icon it will be wiped with an alcohol pad, like the spoon on the communion.

however, Hilarion, despite the gradual reopening of the temples, in the program “Religion and peace” TV channel “Russia 24” was asked in the first place older people “not to rush and to stay at home.”