A friend of the poet Michael Efremova Valeriya Korennaya on his page in Facebook recommended artist to stop drinking because of his craving for alcohol was the main cause of the tragedy, which claimed the fault of the artist a person’s life. According to her, Efremov drinking with students.

Root stressed that the life of the Honored artist of the Russian Federation, overshadow the bad things associated with alcohol and drugs.

Thus, says the poet, Efremov calls his addiction “alcoholism”, although we are talking about “alcoholism”.

“If you don’t drink at all, this tragedy would not be”, – she wrote in the appeal to the actor (spelling and punctuation of the author hereinafter saved – approx. ed.).

While Ephraim Root was advised not to be afraid to quit drinking because after getting rid of bad habits his life “will be brighter.”

“If you think you’ll lose the courage or the talent, you’re wrong. If you’re afraid of losing friends, "lost" will only be drinking buddies. Friends will remain,” – said the poet.

Commenting on the appeal of Ephraim to the relatives of the deceased in an accident the driver of Sergey Zakharov, Who stressed that the life of the artist, contrary to his statement, still not finished. She expressed confidence that the tragedy will become a turning point in the artist’s life, which will help him to prioritize.

Earlier, as reported by “the Rambler,” lawyer Ephraim Elman Pashayev said that the actor sat behind the wheel drunk, to help out his friend. According to him, a fellow actor from Ukraine asked me to help their relatives, caught in a Moscow hospital in serious condition. As a result, the Efremov sat behind the wheel while intoxicated, to go to the hospital.