Journalists have unveiled a new young man 20-year-old daughter Larisa Guzeeva. Recall, a long time personal life Olga Bocharovoj was for fans of the TV presenter for the seven seals – the people did not know whether the girl with someone. Publicly Lelia noticed that at the time allowed myself to fall in love with a private teacher, however, the relationship later came to the logical conclusion.

On the eve of Olga shared on personal page in Instagram touching video of a young man. It Bukharova with all my heart hugs a young man who meets a friend in return. Journalists managed to find out about the guy a little more. According to rumors, the young man’s name is Nicholas, and he is an aspiring musician. The guy is not shy about actively sharing on the personal page in Instagram with aspects of their lives – Hobbies boys are skateboard, unusual painting and electronic music, which Nicholas himself writes. Periodically flashed in the profile and photos of liquor, according to “the Source”.


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So, Nikolai shared with the audience snapshots from recent trips that did for his beloved. Under the post mutual friends joke that it is “in their circle formed a new pair.”

Olga herself rumors around her person no comment. Not expressed itself Guzeeva, but people are very interested in the question whether familiar with the actress with the choice of his daughter.