Sergey, Olga, mum of the eleventh-grader from Moscow, and with it, dozens of parents, asks: “How will protected alumni and teachers at the exam, final assessment”?

Sergey Kravtsov: in Conjunction with the CPS and into the spotlight we carefully are now working on the preparation of the examinations with each region. Measures to protect the health of students and teachers will be taken to the maximum. Recommendations on ventilation and disinfection of premises, distance between participants, the size of classrooms and other necessary requirements have already communicated to the regions.

About 700 thousand students we have graduated 11 classes, about 1.4 million – 9 classes. This year the students are certified without face-to-face examinations on the basis of existing marks for the training. According to the evaluation and their certificates children will receive by June 15.

the exam will take only those who are going this year to enroll in universities, and only those items required at the receipt.

we received a joint letter from students whose parents are employed in the space industry and work in Kazakhstan: “We – the citizens of Russia, last winter signed up to take the exam in the Samara region: how to get on the exam if the borders are closed? Is it possible to arrange the points of the exam, for example, in the city of Baikonur?”

Sergey Kravtsov: of Course, we provide, as always, the possibility of exam outside the territory of our country. This mechanism of support of our compatriots, the mechanism involved in the system of Russian education for all who wants to receive a quality education in Russia.

today on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Baikonur city approved 2 examination (PPE). This is high school No. 4 and middle school No. 10. As far as we know, there are already registered more than 240 people. While there is a technological and organizational ability to make these items even a limited number of participants. To re-register, should send a statement in one of these two TPP, it will be forwarded to Rosobrnadzor, and the participant will notify, where he will be able to pass the exams.

Elena, mother of Perm: “When you can send a child to summer camp?”

Sergey Kravtsov: We recommend you the regions to launch a health campaign from 1 July – with absolute safety and workers camps. Someone will be able sooner, some later. It all depends on the epidemiological situation.

on may 25 has opened “a hot line” on the basis of our focal point. It works round the clock and provide answers to all questions on the organization of rest and improvement of children. Once again I want to remind all bodybackground: 8-800-444-35-38.

What we see in the first two weeks of work? The vast majority of calls from parents who are interested in the question of when to start a Wellness campaign in their region. Additionally I want to clarify that in each region created their own “hot line” on issues of organization of children’s rest and recuperation. Their contacts are available on the websites of the competent authorities. The number can also be specified in the resource center.

Question from Dmitry Gerieva, a graduate of the 11th class “video Tutorials, spend not all teachers. Thus for example, we asked many of the lecture notes and assignments. Is this correct in your opinion?”

Sergey Kravtsov: Teachers tried to find a middle ground, Dmitri, and we helped them do it. If you look, for example, a recent international study TALIS, that 95% of teachers in Russia reported that the use of information technology was included in their training program. It says that our teachers are to some extent still possess the digital skills and know how to use modern technology in teaching.

of Course, we understand that there were teachers who experienced some difficulties. That’s why we help schools and teachers with a meaningful part – giving techniques, explain how best to work in these conditions to teachers and pupils, and parents could easily adapt. Support our teachers and provide teacher students: the project “Volunteers of education” has become very popular among young people. The participation of the guys of the 30 teacher training institutions. They help senior teachers in the organization of distance lessons and at home.

But we cannot lose sight of the fact that there are certain limits that cannot be exceeded in the use of online programs and gadgets, in order not to harm the health of children. Therefore, the lessons were balanced, something online, something in the framework of tasks and notes.

for its part, we do everything possible to empower teachers and children in learning. Interest in learning we are backed by modern methods and new interactive projects, for example the Russian school,, video tutorials, on television.

Question from teacher A. H. the her, have been shown: “When and how teachers will be provided and honored legal holiday for this academic year?”

Sergey Kravtsov: from the very beginning of the epidemiological situation, realizing what a responsibility rests on the shoulders of the teachers, drew the attention of each region in strict compliance with all labor rights and opportunities for teachers. First of all, talking about wages, we managed to keep under control this process and prevent the reduction of wagesx boards in connection with the “non-working” days.

We have also noticed regions in terms of the increased epidemic preparedness will need updated vacation schedule. This is primarily due to the fact that the image was transferred, the timing of the Unified state exam.

closely monitor the implementation of measures approved by the President, support class teachers. With the new school year with all class teachers of educational institutions of the country will receive a Federal allowance for work in the amount of 5 thousand rubles. And we always make sure that they have kept all the regional and other similar payments which have already been before.

Tatiana, mother of fifth-grader from Saratov: “As school starts? Wouldn’t it be overload?”

Sergey Kravtsov: At the beginning of the next school year will be carried out diagnostics of knowledge of students. Based on this analysis we will develop a program of assistance to schools, teachers, and children to fill possible knowledge gaps. Also will be adjusted programs of preparation and professional development of teachers. All this is necessary to improve the quality of the education system.

the Teacher was in a difficult situation, and I want to Express special thanks to each teacher for his great work and invaluable contribution to the education, development and upbringing of children.

Svetlana, a College student from St. Petersburg: “How to learn hairdressing online, undergo practical training without personal contact of the master and the student? Is that possible?”

Sergey Kravtsov: Secondary vocational education is a very sensitive topic for us. To learn how to work on the machine or operating to control robotics using only remote possibility… We understand that learning only online, a highly skilled production work not be. But has done everything possible so that learning is not interrupted and to distance training was the most informative and useful. We helped colleagues from Worldskills, colleagues from the Agency for strategic initiatives.

Now the next stage will be special centres, whose tasks include counselling, psychological support of graduates, systematic work with the involvement of recruitment agencies, major IT-companies-aggregators, as well as interaction with other structures and search options of social partnership with employers. In our recommendations, we have provided for the organization of temporary employment, employment of graduates in the educational organization and the continuation of training in the specialty.

And most importantly – given the increasing popularity of secondary vocational education, interest from the school, and we have continued to grow the percentage of those who go after 9-th class in the system act within the national project “Education” we have intensified the establishment of workshops with the most modern equipment. Allocated significant funding – more than 20 billion until 2024. By the end of December we will work 1500 of these organizations, and 2021-m, that number will rise to 2200. Just recently we completed a competitive selection, where he received over 800 applications from the regions. Creating a comfortable and modern from a technological point of view the educational space, we will continue to develop professional training. The guys will have a place to come and get useful practical skills.

How will the admission campaign in colleges and technical schools this year? Order of the Ministry of education for admission to programs of secondary vocational education have already been signed and registered with the justice Ministry.

What does it say? Full-time form of education acceptance of documents ends on August 25. In the field, requiring certain creative abilities, physical or psychological qualities, – August 15. Subject to availability of places, admission shall be extended to November 25.

the Deadline for the part-time form of study organization sets their own. Statement, the graduate will be able to apply in several ways: by the conventional “paper” mail, email, or through their own information system of the College, its website (if it has such functionality). Another option is through the regional portals of state and municipal services.

Another important point: if you receive need not only a high school diploma, but also, for example, assessment for a creative test, which is conducted by the College, in order to have this account separate paragraph. The organization itself will determine the shape of this entrance test. It may be held remotely. We will remind, this year the graduates of the 9th classes OGE is canceled. Students will receive certificates until June 15 only on school assessments. And will be able to submit an electronic application to a College or technical school.

There, as before, will enroll students in the competition of diplomas. That is, who has better grades. In the top colleges in popular destinations, such as, for example, “information systems and programming”, the average score on the “budget” is close or equal to “five”: take the honors. When a graduate will submit electronic copies of all documents, the College will have the right to check them, including through public services.

the Orders of enrollment will be issued between August 26 and September 1. Until November 25 you have not received for the chosen specialty of the entrant remains the opportunity to enroll in another educational institution if there will be no place.