One of the first theatres in the world, which opened its doors for the audience in the process of weakening of the measures taken during a pandemic COVID-19, was the Mariinsky theatre. And if June 20 in London Covent garden only plans to broadcast from the Internet for viewers concert for the money online, the Mariinsky theatre will be on Saturday at once two concerts live and let the audience into the hall in the afternoon (at 16.00) and evening (at 20.00). The concerts take place in the framework of the canceled back in may, festival “stars of the white nights”. To conduct the concerts will be personally Valery Gergiev.

Probably no wonder the artistic Director of the theatre and its General Director were keen on the Mariinsky theatre on the President’s meeting on 6 June. Less than two weeks, as if by magic his door opened. But only one theatre in the country. “We are all equal but some are more equal”, – commented on the fact that the opening of the theatre Gergiev in the theatre community.

Yes there is in the country, the Mariinsky theatre became the first theatre in Europe to put into their halls of artists of Opera, ballet and musicians for rehearsals after the end of the quarantine at the end of may (“MK” wrote about it). Now planned to spend the real live concert with audience, which will be broadcast on the channel and social networks of the theatre. Day concert – charity – for doctors and medical professionals who selflessly fought with pandemia coronavirus and continue to save lives now. During the break between afternoon and evening program in the hall there will be a “thorough disinfection of surfaces and air disinfection in the audience, and the backstage part.” The evening concert is for everyone, but for the money.

Hall of the Mariinsky theatre-2, which includes more than 1,900 people, will open its doors to more than 500 of the lucky ones. The theatre guarantees the audience and special precautions: “Upon entering the theatre, spectators will measure the temperature at the inlet and then in the lobby before the event they will need to comply with social distance; in the room will be a principle of chess Seating, and the use of personal protective equipment will be a prerequisite for the duration of your stay in the building (spectators without masks and gloves to the theatre will not be admitted). Note that all of the actors and theater staff who will be involved in events June 20, pre-tested” – according to the website of the Mariinsky theatre.

it is Known that the concert will take part Symphonic orchestra of the Mariinsky theatre under Valery Gergiev, as well as many famous artists and leading soloists of the Opera company.

But it is unlikely that the Mariinsky will continue performances in St. Petersburg in the near future. Rather, it is a one-time event of the festival “White nights”. The … areas here are planning to open, as in other Russian theaters in the fall. And if there is no second wave of coronavirus, in September.