the British research Institute, Pirbright was in the field of attention of conspiracy theorists accusing bill gates that it was he who arranged the pandemic coronavirus to gain huge profits from the sale of the vaccine.

because of the connection with gates located in the English County of Surrey Institute, which until 2012 was known as the Institute of animal health, was at the center of conspiracy theories, according to which a kind of behind the scenes with bill gates at the head of a staged pandemic, to obtain huge profits from the sale of the vaccine.

“believe it or not, but the strain of coronavirus is patented by the Institute of Parrita, which is partly funded by the bill and Melinda gates Foundation,” say the conspiracy theorists.

In January, the social networks appeared a message, the author of which was the new Jordan Cater that support popular ultra-right conspiracy theory Please about what the US President trump tries to expose a global network of child sexual exploitation that involved his political opponents.

Jordan Sater published in the Twitter messages, which linked the Institute of Pirbright issued in 2018, “a patent on the coronavirus”. And recalled that one of the main sponsors of the project were the who and the bill and Melinda gates Foundation.

“Not if it was this disorder planned in advance?” – set the blogger straight.

the Authors of the conspiracy theory launched the Network claims that gates and other stakeholders funded research group to create a “used as a weapon of virus strain designed to sell more useless, deadly vaccines, at the same time, killing a few thousand or perhaps a few million people.”

then the Internet went shaft the allegations that she supposedly had a patent for the virus or vaccine from it that actually is based in Wuhan, and that its owner is bill gates.

the Institute began to receive letters and calls with threats and insults.

“We never anything similar did not face. Some of the messages were very aggressive. For example, we were called murderers,” – quotes bi-Bi-si the head of Department, Institute of Pirbright public relations Teresa of Mohan.

Organization specializiruetsya on the study of viruses of animals and zoonotic diseases that are transmitted from animals to people. Although the Institute has a patent on the coronavirus that primarily affects chickens, he has no patent on any part of the new coronavirus that is causing the current pandemic COVID-19.

the Institute of Pirbright admits that receives from the Fund of bill and Melinda gates Foundation funds research with the aim of creating vaccines. But the funding has nothing to do with received a patent.

the bill and Melinda gates Foundation provided research centrc two grants: one in November 2013 for studies of diseases affecting livestock, and another in June 2016 for research in the field of universal vaccine against influenza.

“the Foundation provides the Institute of Parrita funding for research and surveillance of viral diseases that affect farm animals and viruses that can spread from animals to people, USA Today quoted a representative of the gates Foundation. – We funded the development of the Institute of Pirbright coronavirus vaccines for livestock”.

“the Institute has received in 2018, the patent that covers the development of attenuated (weakened) form of the coronavirus, which can potentially be used as vaccines for the prevention of respiratory disease in birds (including infectious bronchitis of chickens) and other animals,” – said in the Institute, Pirbright edition of USA Today. Of pirbright has patents on parts of or whole genomes of beta-coronavirus SARS-CoV-2″.

As recalled by USA Today, publicly available patents on the genetic sequence of the virus SARS-CoV-2 was not issued anywhere in the world, and the emergence of a possible vaccine is not expected for many months.

In late March, the Institute of Pirbright in conjunction with the University of Oxford and public health England started to experience protivokariosnoe vaccine in pigs. This is a necessary requirement before beginning clinical trials in humans.

“Before the Institute of Pirbright not conducted studies of the coronaviruses of man, reads a press release research center – but now we work closely with many other scientific and medical organizations to collectively develop ways of control and prevention COVID-19 in order to protect human health”.