In the UK put up for sale mansion in the Victorian style nearly nine million pounds (about 777 million). It is known as the family house from the story “101 Dalmatians”, which formed the basis of the same cartoon from Disney, the Mansion Global reports.

a three-story house, dubbed pink because of the color of the facade, is located in the heart of London, primrose hill. The author of the novel Dodie Smith often held here and was walking in the Park nearby, own Dalmatians. The building served as the inspiration for writer — here lived the main characters of her books.

According to realtors, the property has ample space for all members of the family. Inside the house a lot of decorative elements: prints, fireplaces installed sash Windows. The mansion contains eight bedrooms, several kitchens, an office, a garden and a rooftop terrace with views of the Park.

Earlier it was reported that in England decided to sell the country house of the XV century, in which the shooting took place in American Comedy “the incredible journey of doctor Doolittle” with the participation of actor Robert Downey Jr. The cost of the mansion — more than five million pounds (of 440.3 million).