While all Russians are experiencing the inconvenience of isolation, there are people who almost do not notice the restrictions. What are they doing in a pandemic the most wealthy young Russians, the so-called “majors”? As it turned out, all of them good: the restaurants closed, the animators at the house, guests and fully subservient to the state. But in fairness I should admit that sometimes they even remember about those in need.

the Daughter of oligarch Alexander Chigirinsky – Maria and Irina Courchevel after decided to become volunteers. About their achievements of the heiress of one of the richest people in the country tell in their accounts on “Instagram”

“We’re volunteers! Let’s help with deeds, not words! Each of us can make the world a better place! Join!” – Mary wrote on the personal page in Instagram.

Maria and Irina took the products to the veterans hospital. Along the way, the two girls share with their fans pictures of happy days, when they were vacationing in Europe.

“the Main now is not to leave the house without the need to help those who need us anymore”, – shares his experiences Irina with the audience “Instagram”.

Another wealthy heiress of the founder of the stroygazconsulting Ziyad Manasir (140 in the Forbes list) – Diana returning from Courchevel, after the celebration of March 8, complains that the order is tired of quarantine measures. However, the daughter of an oligarch continues to maintain a regime of self-isolation, sharing with fans the latest news of luxury house in Barvikha .

“Not yet had time to fully enjoy my quarantine “vacation”. I’m at home, of course, and sit the longest, or rather from the moment of arrival from a place whose name you can pronounce in society only in a whisper, – says Diana with subscribers. – The feeling that Affairs only increased, and the number of hours in the day diminished – not let go. Classes via Skype with a tutor, efforts to support sport activities, socializing with friends at Zoom. And now summer session on the nose!”

Businesswoman Digiline Melnikova told “MK” that the overall routine of the richest citizens of the country has not changed much. Even favorite restaurants oligarchs still continue to work for the privileged.

“Isolation in a small apartment, like most, is heavy, but another thing when you have 2,000 or 3,000 square feet – beginning Nigrina. – From the oligarchs of their steam rooms, saunas, gardens. In this case, the person may walk in his yard. Go visit, because they have in the territory of country houses, there is no strict control. There’s nobody walking, nobody patrols. People can continue to visit each other’s homes. Another plus for the rich – they always have the provision for them does not happen the situation: “the upshot ��engi”. As a rule, very wealthy people always leave myself on the current account a decent amount. Always have savings.”

the Artists also perform for the wealthiest customers in a pandemic?

– Yes, there are concerts. Animators with animals mostly now come to private homes. It exists, the number of orders has decreased but the price of such entertainment is not dropped. Why do you need animators? For children. Even the teachers, Tutors come to the house.

– Restaurants also work?

– There are restaurants that operate in closed mode. I will explain, such as store and restaurant, there seafood is sold, customers come for goods, but also can sit, talk, drink wine… Like school and work, but at the same time not. Recently, a very wealthy company decided to go to a restaurant: sat-rested, the restaurant opened just for them, but remained in the “closed” to others.

– Governess remained in their homes?

– as far As I know, none of the attendants did not dissolve. All live well. I think such people have enough money for another 3-4 years, live quietly.