Blogger Lena Miro is Olga Buzova and Ksenia Sobchak. So many that would take their “sisters.”

“Look close: … Eyes, expressing absence of thought. Both are the language of some nonsense, and her lips love to paint bright lipstick. In appearance, if not know, who is generally such, it’s easy to think that women – sisters,” she writes in “LiveJournal”.

Prospects, says Miro, girls sad.

“Nobody needs. Boring, dull. In dreams – to talk about them. A little more, and Olga, and Xenia will be the most crazy city attendants. Yes that a sin to conceal? Already steel. Ratings Sobchak and Buzova about equal – they are both near zero. Xenia jumps out of his trousers, but her projects on YouTube no one is watching. Yes, and Oli is the same problem, even on yesterday’s hostage situation nobody wants to say no”.

. Not paid attention to the blogger and Yana Rudkovskaya, choosing her corresponding role.

“I want to give an example of Yana Rudkovskaya – older sister, 56-year-old aunt these two mangy moles. Jan – the same one as His, and Sobchak. Not known to themselves, and their environment.
Husband. Broken son. Marcapitman. The hype around Yana is associated with those whom she surrounded”.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, by writer and blogger Lena Miro said that the TV host Regina todorenko “crossed the line” in an attempt to clear his reputation after the scandal with the conviction of domestic violence victims.