Lyubov Tolkalina

On another pair, whose relationship was destroyed by the pandemic coronavirus, Russian media writes. 42-year-old actress Lyubov Tolkalina has told in interview to the edition “7 days”, broke up with 54-year-old British composer Simon bass, after four novels. The self-isolation they spent apart — Love left for three months to her parents in Ryazan oblast, and Simon waited out the quarantine in England.
All this time Simon communicated and somehow came to the conclusion that we cannot be together, living in different countries, this is clearly impossible. Wise people have told me that this self-isolation, the virus were all put in the place where they should be. Someone was abroad, some in private with your beloved, with her husband, children, someone in the unbearable atmosphere in a confined space. Someone devoted his life to parents or went to work as a volunteer, started to write or even almost became a public figure, someone discovered an incredible amount of new talents and abilities are not enough time. For example, I began to learn to play the guitar, dreamed about it since childhood. Quarantine everything in the places, said Tolkalina.

Lyubov Tolkalina and Simon on bass

Tolkalina confirmed the affair with a successful British composer who worked with many world music stars, last fall. Prior to the closure of a couple traveled together often in the beloved in England, but during a pandemic it became clear they were not ready to move to another country permanently.

Before the beginning of the pandemic I was in London, and we never thought that we say goodbye to Simon for a long time, we all the time had moved the world together. And now this… It was really the time of check, time of family reunification or tragic breakup. And those who are destined to be together, passed this test. All the others had lost their illusions. And I can’t say I’m sorry about what happened. In our history there was only one thing for it, but too many cons,

— added Tolkalina.

Lyubov Tolkalina