Natalia Bochkareva posted on instagram a big philosophical post, in which he shared his understanding of life.

In particular, the star explained that it meant “to live luxuriously”.

“Luxury is not linen, not lipstick, not restaurants and not the studs. Real luxury is to live the way you want. In a comfortable shorts. In comfortable shoes. With that lipstick color you like, or no lipstick at all. Eat food that you like to be friends with someone warm, to be together for love and not out of obligation. Learn to abandon unnecessary. And to protect what you love” – she wrote in microblogging.

In fact, the actress gives advice on how to love yourself in spite of circumstances.

“And more luxurious life is not to eat yourself when something goes wrong. Tights can tear. The dough may not be suitable. Friends may not want to watch your favorite movie. Loved one may leave. You may not get a raise at work. If you have something does not work, it does not affect your value. This means that just now, not everything goes the way you want.”

Subscribers Natalia supported.

“Natalya, Bravo!!! How beautiful and right… And exactly what one should aspire! Thank you for the right words at the right time.”

However, the phrase about “the pants” reminded many of the story with the cocaine scandal, when it is in the subject of toilet Bochkareva kept the packet with the prohibited substance.

What actress and made.

“somewhere about the pants I already heard.”

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Natalia Bochkareva posted on instagram a short funny video showing how people are wearing masks designed to protect against coronavirus, many citizens.

Even in cases when it is prohibited to enter the store without masks, people wear these personal protective equipment in his own way. the

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