In the Chinese city of Wuhan, Hubei province, loyal dog for several months waiting in the hospital for his owner who died from a new coronavirus infection. About it reports local newspaper the Oriental Daily News.

In February, a resident of Wuhan was hospitalized with COVID-19. His dog followed him and waited every day in the walls of the hospital. The patient could not recover from the disease and died. However, the pet continued to wait patiently for the return of the master, refusing to leave the medical center.

In April, the owner of the shop located in the hospital, I noticed a loyal dog and began to take care of him. She gave the animal the nickname Xiao Bao (translated from Chinese — “Little Treasure”) and began regularly to feed it. So the woman managed to tame the dog. “When I’m gone, the dog goes near the front door of my shop and helps me to keep it”, — said the Chinese.

the owner of the shop tried to shelter Xiao Bao in our house, but every time the dog rushed back to the hospital. “Although Xiao Bao can’t talk, we know he continues to look for its owner”, — said the compassionate woman. Since dogs are not allowed in the hospital, the faithful dog still had to leave the medical center. Xiao Bao handed over to the local animal shelter, who promised to find him a new home.

In June last year it was reported that in the U.S. state of new Jersey, the dog spent several days at the hospital bed of a deceased master, waiting for his return. Three-year-old dog — a cross between a Labrador named Moose very grieved at the death of the owner.