dietician Alexey Kovalkov called main reason for weight gain in the period of regime of isolation imposed on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. About it writes “Evening Moscow”.

According to experts, the main reason is stress. He noted that being in a confined space with people can be compared to a prison. “The constant need to communicate causes stress, and stress is the hormone cortisol. It promotes very rapid weight gain,” explained Kovalkov.

the Expert stressed that on the day a person can gain about 150 grams of fatty tissue normally. However, for those who are experiencing stress, this rate can reach 250-300 grams.

the Dietician recommended to eliminate from the diet sugar, potatoes, white rice, juices, white bread and honey.

Earlier, the endocrinologist of the highest category, candidate of medical Sciences, Husova Zalina said that the most terrible consequences of isolation are stress and panic. They cause constant hunger and lead to overeating. To maintain your figure and health in norm Husova recommends often and fractional eat. This allows you to avoid the feeling of hunger, due to which the body and puts additional reserves.