Among those lucky was unusual pair of paramedics Ambulance substation of the village Chemodanovka, Penza region Sergey and Marina Seine. They were married April 30, taking time among tight schedule of duties, though both literally fell down from exhaustion. Was up to 20 times per day to go to temperaturesin sick, many hospitalized. All this time the paramedics of the Ambulance did not take off anti-plague suits and masks. Behind a frosted glass sometimes it was impossible to see the familiar eyes.

– this year we were Dating. Met in the car “first aid”, – smiling, remembers Marina. Sergei came to us with the trainee and it was assigned to me. To me it just seemed sensible. And then it turned out that the man was amazing.

Then a couple broke into different teams. Marina went on shift at seven in the morning, and Sergei – in an hour late, but he was up early to take her on a shift, and after shift she would wait for him an extra hour, just to see.

In late March, when there was a real panic, he made me an offer. Yes, so unexpected! Asked me at the gas station to get out of the car and look under the hood. Something he did not like. I machines did not understand. Lift the heavy hood, and under it lies a small velvet box. I immediately realized that this ring – says the bride.

the bride and Groom in the registry office asked him to wear a mask. The ceremony was not allowed to even witness, only the photographer. Read the speech, signed, instead of a veil, the groom pushed the mask from the face of the young wife, to celebrate the wedding with a kiss.

And the next day again for work.

– first, it is unusual. This ceremony will definitely be remembered for a lifetime. Secondly, we decided that in this difficult period should always be there to support and protect each other, – says Sergey Shein.

they feel that the epidemic has gone on recession. At least now a day there are up to ten calls. Colleagues, friends and relatives, the couple hope to raise at the table as soon as you remove restrictions.