Lawyer Sergei Zhorin has urged not to believe “fake news” ex-husband of singer Lolita — Dmitry Ivanov.

— Stop be carried out on these stupid distractions. The topic is closed. Let’s boycott Ivanov and his fake news, said the defender.

Zhorin also drew attention to the “miracle cure” the former husband of the actress, who allegedly suffered a broken jaw. The lawyer said that after the attack, Ivanov willingly gave interviews and talked to journalists by phone.

— Probably after lunch, the jaw healed, he gave comments, which essentially boiled down to the fact that he remembered the mysterious features of our communication on the court — said the Zhorin in an interview with “Fifth channel”.

May 21 it became known that the ex-husband of singer Lolita was in one of clinics in Moscow with serious injuries. Later Ivanov told himself told about his condition. He did not specify what happened to him, but reminded about the threat of the lawyer of the singer at the last meeting of the court.

Lolita broke up with her ex-husband Dmitry Ivanov in the summer of 2019. The star initially believed that they will be able to maintain friendly relations, but then found out about her husband’s mistress.