It turned out that the theme at present it sounds very important

The horrors of the coming chipping caught up with Renata Litvinova in her sleep. She dreamed that her implanted chip. She is not much liked (in the dream, but in life, it seems, too, would not like) — so she tried to remove the chip and move it to your cat. Cat was surprised (this is a quote, Litvinova yet the writer of her songs it’s hard to throw out words). Moreover the cat already had one, exactly the same (in a dream or in the life of Renata did not specify)…

Renata waiting for disaster. Photo from instagram

“Well, and how to relate to this topic?” — asks Litvinova from its subscribers in instagram. — “All digitized, as “the marauders map?”. For those who don’t know — explains: “the marauders Map” is from “Harry Potter”. Map of Hogwarts school and surrounding areas. Interactive: it shows all the movement of all the inhabitants of Hogwarts. Maybe do a prototype in our immediate future.

It should be noted that subscribers Renata was immediately involved in the discussion. The range of the opinions expressed is extremely wide. From the populist: “I would put her… And then disappears for two days and look for it…” to “So be it. We’ll all be bio-robots. But personally, I’m against it”.

Also in discussion is mentioned the Bible (casual) and the Government (in vain).

Renata thinking about chipping. Photo from instagram