Lady Gaga admitted that showbiz has turned her into a robot, due to which she lost her own “sense of humanity”. She complained that it was difficult to find a female mentor in the field of show business, but stated that she owed an enormous debt to Elton John, who has many times supported her.

Continuing a kind of relay, Gaga sent a bouquet of flowers with a note a rising star of American showbiz – Billy Iles. After all, the winner of five Grammy awards than ever need support and the support of experienced colleagues.

Lady Gaga told the British The Mirror, as the pressure of the music industry caused her to doubt her self-esteem. And she is greatly indebted to Elton John for his advice and support.

“once you start to act like a robot, you lose a sense of their humanity,” – said the singer.

In 2017 she had a nervous breakdown after constant touring have drained her. The star was diagnosed with fibromyalgia – a painful condition affecting the nervous system. And the actress is extremely grateful to sir Elton John for his help and advice when it was not easy.

The singer, whose sixth album, ‘Chromatica’ was released last month, is the godmother of the sons of sir Elton, Zachary, nine, and seven year old Elijah.

“Elton has long been my mentor. He always encouraged me to keep the nose high, but he saw when I didn’t have any powers. He knows because I’m hiding because I don’t want anyone see me like this. Elton always called me to take care of my artistry and to take care of yourself, and I truly respect that about him. He’s so incredibly special!” – said Gaga.

She believes that in show business should be more female mentors to help aspiring artists to adapt. So she turned to a rising star Billy Eylish, which in 18 years has won five Grammy awards earlier this year and became the author of the musical themes in the new film about James bond.

“Billy collected a bunch of awards, so I decided to send her flowers with a note. For me it is healing. I was hurt when I didn’t have that (support and mentoring). I’m going to be a mentor to someone. Except for Celine Dion and Carole king, it’s hard to find someone who would show me the way. So I really hope that young women-young creators or artists of any gender or sexual identity, will know that I support them. This idea that we support each other and encourage each other is very important”, – said Lady Gaga.

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