every year on June 22, held all-Russia action “Candle of memory”. In terms of restrictive measures against the coronavirus this year it is held in a new format — online. On the website you can “light” a candle in memory of the victims and find out how he met the war of our country. Taking part in the “Candle of memory”, you are also helping the living veterans of the great Patriotic war: every lighted candle is 1 ruble for care of veterans.

June 22, 1941 became a national tragic date — the beginning of the great Patriotic war, which claimed 27 million lives of Soviet citizens. On this day the inhabitants of our country light candles in memory of those who sacrificed themselves for our peace jizni.

From June 15 to “light” a candle at . Clicking the “Light a candle of memory”, you will learn what the account became your candle and can tell about the campaign in their social networks.

Action in online has an important addition: each lighted candle on the project site is 1 ruble for health care living veterans of the great Patriotic war. the Funds will be sent to the veterans Charity Fund “Memory Pokolenie”.

On the project website you can also see how our cities, from Moscow to Vladivostok, met the Great Patriotic Voinu.

in addition, “a memory Candle” you can give to friends in in until June 22.

“Candle of memory” is an international, nationwide event, which appeared in 2009. For 11 years, joined more than 3,000 cities and towns in Russia and abroad. Each year the event brings thousands of people into public areas, so we can honor the memory of the heroes of the great Patriotic war who did not return from the battlefield home. This year, many of us will not be able to join it due restrictions associated with the coronavirus, but we will still be able to remember the heroes of our country on the website .