MOSCOW, may 3 / Radio Sputnik. The official representative “Aeroflot” Julia Spivakova suggested that international flights could resume in the middle of summer. It is reported on Sunday

“the Exact timing of the flight call is difficult, but if you look at the optimistic forecasts, the recovery in international traffic may begin in the middle of the summer,” said Spivakov, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

She explained that the airline intends to maintain strong disinfection of aircraft.

Until then, the owner of S7 Group, Vladislav Filev told that international flights could resume in April 2021. The businessman is sure, what to expect the second wave of the coronavirus, as people because of self-isolation will not get herd immunity. While it will be introduced to the same prohibitions as in the first wave, said Filev.

it is Known that regular and Charter flights suspended in Russia with other States since March 27. Fly only export routes for the remaining overseas compatriots.

Earlier radio Sputnik reported that Paris Orly airport will remain closed until the fall.

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