The trainer of cats Yury Kuklachev commented on the statement of producer Joseph Prigogine on the distressed artists.

“Let those stars that complain about the lack of earnings, will cut your fat,” – said the publication “Sobesednik”.

According to Kuklachev, artists “used to seize millions”, and many people “we do nothing to eat”.

Zapashny stood up for Prigogine

He urged not to pay attention to the complaints of artists and called on them to stop it at all.

“And then take a lot of money for their performances, and themselves the brains of people powder!” – outraged the handler.

Last week, as reported by “the Rambler”, Iosif Prigozhin has declared, that the artists lost the opportunity to earn money, pass the savings and practically live in poverty because of the restrictions imposed for the sake of fighting the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19. The plight of the artists she has previously said the singer Tatyana Bulanova and dancer Sergei Glushko.