Britney Spears

Judicial proceedings in the case concerning the custody of 38-year-old Britney Spears in the truest sense of the words is very expensive for the singer and she is not only a lot of nerves, but a lot of money. Thanks to released documents, it became known that over the past year the star has paid his team of attorneys and lawyers over $ 1.2 million. The father of Jamie Spears as her guardian received 128 thousand dollars. We will remind, in September, he ceased to perform his duties, passing the law on guardianship of his longtime assistant jodie Montgomery.

in addition, steel is also known and other expenses are the stars of the previous year. So, more than 90 thousand dollars she spent on trips to places such as the Turks and Caicos Islands and Miami. She also received a weekly allowance, which is spent at its discretion. As a rule, it was shopping. Among her favorite stores — Anthropologie, Walmart, Amazon and Target.

a Large amount of money Britney has been forced to spend on living expenses (almost a million dollars!). Probably a substantial part of this money went to repair her home gym, which was badly damaged in a fire.

While Spears, according to the documents, notably podsokratili personal spending in past years she had to fork out beauty salons and shopping centers — it takes thousands of dollars. For example, in 2016, she spent 120 thousand dollars just for a massage, and just a year then spent about $ 10 million.

expense Reports star published every year since, when she was under guardianship and could not dispose of money without the consent of her guardian. This data is intended to prove that her father is robbing her daughter, as claimed by fans of the singer who even launched in support of the campaign #FreeBritney (“Freedom Britney”).

I have every year to report to the court about every spent penny. How the hell can I steal something?

— said recently the father of Spears.

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