For a long period of quarantine has given the opportunity usually are constantly traveling the stars of show business stay at home with their families.

As it turned out, this is the real happiness.

Philip teaches his children to ride horses. Training videos the king of pop posted in instagram.

“I Try to support the interests of the children. So glad the time that gave us the world. New opportunities often arise when there are restrictions. Children with a passion plunged into the world of equestrian sports. Learn to fly! Happy to be in these moments with them”, – he wrote in the microblog.

Apparently, the kid is a hobby for a long time. And soon Martin, whose coming birthday own horse.

“At the beginning of July already waiting for breeding the horse from Germany as a gift for the birthday of my friend from Voronezh. Waiting. Preparing the whole family!”, – said the happy father.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Philip shared a special video in honor of the release of — Eurovision Again — broadcast of previous competitions “Eurovision”.