anyone Who wants to learn English or further develop visited would often fee-based courses or Online platforms. However, this need not be. Both online and offline, there are numerous free methods and points of contact. We will tell you how and where you free learn English or can improve.

free Online language courses

on The Internet there are several Websites that offer free Material to learn English. There are a beginner or Advanced between vocabulary and grammar can choose tasks. High-quality materials, for example, offer the following pages in the network:

  • English help
  • Learn English Online
  • ego4u
  • ESOL Courses
  • BBC Learn English

The Free placement test at Babbel

you will not be able to assess your current level of English yet right? No Problem. On the E-Learning platform Babbel, you can learn not only languages, but a free placement test to complete. After that, you can test the program first, because they benefit from the 20-day money-back guarantee.


Babbel-save this coupon and save

With the exclusive FOCUS-Online coupon, you save, also, for seven euros at the conclusion of a 12-month subscription to Babbel. So you only have to pay 5,99 Euro per month and English can complete lessons and courses.

learn English for Free with Apps

With a Smartphone to Learn a language to succeed, as in the twinkling of an eye, because the range of English language Apps for Android and iOS is great. The practical applications need to cost anything: for example, you can learn with the Duolingo App for free English.

beginners will find the most important basics, Advanced users can start with more complex issues. In addition to Translations, you practice the listening comprehension-tasks. The App is available for iPhones as well as Android devices and Windows Phones.

With the series and movies listening

to improve Whether or not Gossip Girl or Game of Thrones: check your English favorite TV shows and movies in the original version. In the case of initial difficulties in understanding you can use German or English subtitles. Gradually, they learn English – by the way. The Same applies to English TV channels like BBC or CNN.

Who is more on audiobooks, on the platform, Audible for a great selection. In addition to German-language audio books, are offered to English-speaking audio books. The first audio book for free and who can want to save with these vouchers continue to be a lot of.


Audible coupon and save

free learning resources are secure’in the library

the local library gives you the tools to learn languages. You can find in the library or online training materials, communication trainer and language guide for your journey. In addition, many libraries carry bilingual novels, international Newspapers and magazines.

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