Ukrainian TV star Les nikitiuk really misses the sea shore and the beach.

So much bored that he wrote on instagram that “dries” without sea bathing, however, because of the situation with the pandemic coronavirus travel no plans, but “soak the Black” will be required.

Nikitiuk, as travel lead, especially going through due to the cancellation of the ability to travel.

In the social network Les put the pictures up in the air swimsuit.

In the photos the TV presenter poses in a blue beach robe intricate style on the balcony.


As well as you can see this same outfit, which is hard, but wedged pretty well-fed male body in the same interior.


As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the quarantine because of the threat of a pandemic coronavirus infection applies to all. Including stars of show business.

So, Lesya Nikityuk decided to dream up on this topic. Former leader of the “eagle and tails” showed subscribers how she can look at the end of a two week quarantine.

The processed in the photo editor, the star has published on his page in Instagram.