Peace divorce the Pelagia with Ivan by Telegina failed.

Scandal accompanied the separation of the pair, but now I go battle in court.

Singer for a long time have not filed for child support, hoping that they will be able to settle with ex-husband without conflict, but in the end received from Telegin claim for division of property.

And the hockey, as it turned out, claims not only raspolovinivanie joint, but the apartment in which Pelagia daughter and I live now and that her mom bought.

Pelageya had to seek the services of a lawyer. She’s represented by Philip Ryabchenko.

Eurotranslator journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” about the fact that Telegin and its representatives have taken a very aggressive stance, and do not shun distortion of facts.

So, Telegin said that Pelageya ostensibly prevents him from contacting his daughter. However, this is not true.

“Telegin suddenly wanted to come to his daughter when he received a lawsuit for child support. It was the end of may, the-isolation. And before that, did not want, did not show any interest from January 25. Pelagia knows that Ivan did not comply with the regime and feared virus. But she offered to communicate with my daughter via facetime, but dad’s just gone,” says Ryabchenko.

Moreover, the claim against the hockey player to his former wife, contains a variety of property claims, however, there is not a single line about how a procedure will be established intercourse father daughter.

The same lawyer prepared to provide the court with all evidence that contained the daughter all this time just mom, Telegin for all time visited the child a few times, and always brought witnesses to secure the meeting.

“the Claim about section of property Pelageya was not planned because the couple originally designed the property to the spouse through whose means it was actually purchased. The house for 54 million. acquired a mortgage and initially issued on both spouses, the mortgage was paid from the family budget. The apartment is over 85 million. acquired through 2(!) months after the wedding, has been issued to Pelagia, because bought with the money mother Pelagia. What the court has supporting documents, and the lawyer Telegin knows about them. I suggested wringing that the court understood in the end where their property was divided according to the law, to avoid false accusations by spouse”, the lawyer said

According to human rights activist, Pelagia was counting on the honesty of a spouse. But in the end, a year not filing for child support, she received a claim on a section of the apartment where he lives with his daughter.

The story is insulting to the singer. Now the final point it will have to supply the court.

As reneurial Rambler, Pelagia and Ivan Telegin were married in 2017 and then become parents — came to light and their daughter TAsia.

In December last year, the singer announced a break with her husband, hockey player, and a month and a half ago, officially filed for divorce.

Recently it became known that the athlete has disappeared from the life of the daughter and intends to sue his wife for property.