the Prime minister praised us all together at the press conference in the galerie des glaces hall on Tuesday afternoon. Smittetallene is far better than expected, because we have done all the right things, kept distance, and washed hands.

So now, consider also the government that Denmark can be opened more than last week, where the otherwise single-handedly chose to be even more cautious than the three scenarios, the government itself had asked the health authorities to assess.

I have been very critical of both insularity and overforsigtighed, be the first to rejoice.

good Friday called I here in the square, a plan with hope – and one guideline: What makes the most economic growth!

Dare to hope that it was also what the prime minister meant when she said that the government’s priority in the further opening will be the jobs?

I do not know, for she said no more on the hour-long news conference. For now, the responsibility is shared. She will no longer sit alone with the responsibility to do the right thing, what basically can understand. For there is no objective definition of ”right”.

There must be a political choice. Based on the medical assessments, now, but however political.

‘To tighten up, when everyone is scared, is a thing. All the hills up – the dry nor another. That ( … ) loosen up, even though the risk of covid-19 is not gone (completely) away, require broader shoulders than them, sitting on one person.

At a time must be taking a calculated risk that Denmark does not remain closed, until a vaccine is invented”. That was the gist of my prediction here on the square for almost three weeks ago. And it was so today, that the government will want to share the risk with others.

the Question, then, is whether ”the others” will share the risk with a government that until now have followed the the short-term temptation to sit heavily on all decisions – and first share the background for them afterwards. I have my doubts, but hope it will be put to shame.

It would be good if a responsible majority set a clear direction for the reopening of the Denmark.
Partiformændene can not do daily sit and negotiate, on which may sit a guest at every fourth, every third, or every second chair on a fortovsrestaurant, or whether there must be one, two or three customers in a hair salon.

And how should the spread of infection, it provides, weighed over the desire f.ex. the reopening of the libraries, where the virus can sit on the books for many hours. Should the books in quarantine before they can genudlånes?

It will be simply too detailed.

however, One might formulate a clear and unique goal of the reopening, put together a multi-disciplinary group of experts and let them come up with the exact recommendations for the gradual re-opening.

just as in Norway, where one immediately after closure, set a group of medical experts, economists and government officials together with the aim to come up with recommendations in the difficult balance between socio-economic gains and prevent infection.

But the major only if you agree on the goal.

the Press conference in the prime minister’s office was not over, before the parties ‘ genåbningsønsker ran into. All of us want the return to Denmark before 11. march, so EVERYTHING is on the list, but from batch to batch in a different order: secondary schools, hairdressers, restaurants, libraries, dentists, hotels. It all.

It is the ultimate goal, but how do we get there?

the Kind of travel determines the size of the bill, to be picked up afterwards.

Wait me it is not the time to give a real political fight, but until then, one could, with advantage, gather a responsible majority to make it as small as possible.

It should political be possible, if you unequivocally agree on the gradual re-opening, that provides the greatest socio-economic return by a health professional acceptable contamination.

In order, one could let the pundits make the roadmap, where the departure times station to station is not determined by dates, but by where on the herostratisk famous curve we are.

So have we all – and not least the private companies that p.t. is in receivership and has just now considering filing for bankruptcy – a common and certain knowledge, where we are going.

And a shared responsibility, to come forward as soon as possible.

Lars Løkke Rasmussen

Lars Løkke Rasmussen, member of parliament for the Left and former prime minister