Both in Lyngby and Randers makes the continued uncertainty about unique in scandinavia because the restart hurt.

The continued uncertainty about when the League really gets going again, is a big challenge for football players and their clubs.

Both Randers FC and Lyngby Boldklub repatriated early in the process the players as a result of coronakrisen, and for weeks neither have the leadership or the coaches could submit to the players demands for training or reports.

It means that the two clubs like many others do not know what formtilstand their players are in, and how long they can keep the enthusiasm and the discipline to selvtræning up.

– the Players are going to show their true self in the relationship to be professional. But they are also human beings like all of us. We can all feel, how the situation affects our everyday lives.

– the Days start to flow together and look like each other, and we miss socializing. We know that some players are challenged, says the head coach at Lyngby Boldklub Christian Nielsen.

– I think that for many, this is the uncertainty the worst. That you don’t know how long to go around in here yet, he says.

His team had started in a splendid season, and took the important knight, when everything was put on hold in the beginning of march.

The latest plan from the organization of division sounds in games without spectators from either 15., 24. or 31. may, but nothing is sure yet.

It niver also on ledelsesgangen in Randers FC, who have the opportunity to finish the season in the top-6.

– It is a little frustrating, to not quite have a grip on the players or the store and don’t know when you can start.

– If only one had a fixed date, it had been easier. You go around a bit about themselves, says Søren Pedersen, who are sporting and commercial director of the club.

According to him, the organization of division indicated that the clubs will have 10 to 14 days to genopstartstræning before the first match.

– Players must keep themselves in reasonable løbeform, but they need to be back in fodboldform and also in relation to the prevention of damage being being quick-start important. There will be little to pick up on, says Søren Pedersen.

He believes that a longer start-up period would have been preferable, but have an understanding that there is no place for such in the calendar.

the Same message coming from Dunblane, which, according to the cheftræneren spent five weeks to build the mold up to the spring season, even if the players only had small three week vacation. For comparison, the players in Lyngby now been out for over four weeks.

– It is a really long time, so it is a difficult situation, and we know not what awaits us.

– We do not know whether there is a benefit to the clubs who have trained the players into smaller groups along the way. We do not know in what clubs the players have the passport hjemmetræningen best and been the most disciplined.

– The response we get first, when we see the players again. And then when we can measure them up against competitors in battle, says head coach Christian Nielsen.