“I’m not the type who loves attention – in contrast to my mother,” said a 21-year-old Stephanie Kessler for the B. T., as ‘the Family from Bryggen’ premiered in 2011.

Since there is lot of water in the beach, and today is almost the whole of Denmark on the nickname with Stephanie ‘Geggo’ Karma Salvarli, who on Tuesday celebrates 30 years.

the Day is celebrated with the husband Cengiz Salvarli, their four-year old daughter Alba and a little new, which is provisionally located, and the bubbles in the stomach.

With his little nuclear family living ‘Geggo’ a life, which is far from similar to what she grew up in. And even if the Linse Kessler has called it his biggest regret, then blames ‘Geggo’s not his mother, for the total of seven years, Lens Kessler sat in prison for, among other things illegal possession of firearms, violence, the smuggling of hashish, threats aimed against witnesses and illegal intrusion.

“I had the coolest childhood. A psychologist might say, my upbringing could have been better, but I shall judge for yourself. And I have had the coolest childhood, if you ask me,” she has previously said to Ritzau.

She remembers, according to Se & hør, not much from his weekly visit to the prison, where it stood on the rejemadder, play and enjoy. And when the Lens Kesslers prison sentences were of shorter duration, she got to know that the mother was just out working on an oil rig and soon came home again.

meanwhile, the small ‘Geggo’ cared for by his uncle, the boxer MIkkel Kessler, or grandmother, Ann Patricia ‘Mops’ Christiansen, both before and after his death in 2016, had a very special place in the ‘Geggos’ heart.

‘Geggos’ father could not care for her. For Sonny lived a life, neither ‘Geggo’ or her mother wanted to be a part of.

‘When I was born, there was a lot of things, I do not fully understand. But I know that it at least ended up with that my father began to take a lot of drugs, and my mother refused him to see me. He got a few chances to suit me, before drugs took over, but he burned them, and my mother slapped his hand on the table, and called himself both the father and mother from here,’ have ‘Geggo’ earlier written on his blog.

in turn, led to her own addiction to the meeting with the man, who has since wanted to be a loving father figure in their daughter’s life.

In 2015 began ‘Geggo’ namely, to take a few more trips down to the slikbutikken that lay against her mother’s apartment on Islands Brygge. Because of the cute cases, but perhaps especially because of the cute case behind the counter.

It was Lens Kessler, who mocked Cengiz Salvarli and asked, ‘slikmanden’ was not something for the daughter. And ‘Geggo’ had to admit that she could not stand for the half-Turkish dark man with the perfect hair and clean nails.

‘Father and implemented the delicious,’ which she at the end of march 2015, describing the new girlfriend in an episode of ‘the Family from Bryggen’ and added:

“I am convinced that he is ‘the one’.”

Two years later fell Cengiz Salvarli at the knees on a holiday to Thailand. In the summer of 2017, they were secretly married in Las Vegas and a total since the friends and family to a grand wedding party at the Kokkedal Castle in april 2019.

Here she took the surname Salvarli, but had made sure to fertilize the deep familieære roots as she in 2016, was the mother of his daughter Alba, who got the middle-name Ann as a tribute to the as.

Parts of the family she has, however, lost on the road.

“It is no secret that we are not talking with them more,” said ‘Geggo’s last year at B. T. on among Mikkel Kessler and his wife, Lea White, but added that she was not ready to share of Denmark in the cause.

“The only thing I have left of my family, is my mother, but then I have the world’s best in-laws,” says ‘Geggo’, in the course of the last 10 years have cemented that she has no use for Mikkel Kessler.

‘the Family from Bryggen’ had its premiere in 2011, she was just ‘Mikkel Kesslers niece’. You might have heard about the Lens Kessler, who at the time was known to have ‘Scandinavia’s largest bosom’, but the series ‘ attraction was in the first place, the boxer, who also starred in the first season.

Since the family women become Denmark’s biggest stars, and Stephanie ‘Geggo’ Karma Salvarli, who originally wanted to be a lawyer or veterinarian, but became a pole dance instructor and barbestyrer on her mother’s strip club, ‘the Copenhagen Redlight’, ended up as tv star, entrepreneur, and blogger.

“‘Geggo’s beige and bourgeois and proper. When I got the ‘Geggo’, I was just 24 years old, and I had so much fire in the ass. I was not so mature as ‘Geggo’ is,” said Linse Kessler in ‘the Family from Bryggen’ back in 2016.

After having lived a third of his life on tv is ‘Geggo’ might be gone from temperamental spunk to to the ‘beige and bourgeois’. But she has been able to vouch for all its provisional 30 years. She has been himself all the way through, she told last year to the B. T..

And then there might be some momentvise unfortunate choice of foundation and thickness of the eyebrows, she adds with a smile.