Academic Jinli Shi from Wuhan Institute of Virology found about 1,5 thousands of different types of organisms coronavirus in bats. Some of them can cause a new pandemic in the future, said the authors of The podcast, Big Picture Science podcast.

researchers catch bats and collect their biological data. Just was analyzed about 15 thousand samples of saliva, blood and waste of animals. In the study, 10 percent of the copies they found a whole “universe of coronaviruses,” which was subsequently frozen for storage at the Institute.

“Many of these viruses will never infect humans, but some can be prone to this. Now a scientist is experimenting to find out which of the samples have the risk of transmission to people,” — said in the podcast. It is noted that antibodies to some of the found types of coronavirus have been detected in the blood of rural people in southern China. This suggests that COVID-19 spread from Wuhan, and from rural areas near the mountain caves inhabited by bats.

Scientists have called this amount has not yet manifested itself, but having the perspectives of the virus “time bomb”. To date, various types of coronavirus have been provoked by the three pandemics. We are talking about SARS in 2003 and middle East respiratory syndrome in 2012, and the pandemic of a new type of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in 2019.

Previously, the study organisms are bats carried out by American scientists. They found out that during the evolution of bats and coronaviruses closely coexisted. Thus animals living in the same area, were carriers of the same strain.