– first, is the fulfillment of the obligations of each state to protect the rights of children under international law – said Kuznetsov. – Secondly, this is a humanitarian mission, understandable to many, is the salvation of children from the inhuman conditions that threaten their life and health. And, thirdly, the removal of children is the prevention of terrorism, radicalization of minors. We are saving children and the world from the bloody cycle of terrorism.

Anna Kuznetsova presented the algorithm for the return of Russian children, which was developed with the participation of relevant ministries and agencies. The children’s Commissioner noted that the experience of Russia is interesting for many States.

Colleagues from many interested States are turning to us for advice and we are actively moving to meet them, – said children’s Ombudsman. – We believe that additional efforts are needed to study the situation, the rights of children caught up in refugee camps in the zone of armed conflict, for further action and consolidation efforts.

Anna Kuznetsova emphasized that today in refugee camps in Syria, prisons in Iraq, according to various estimates there are several thousand children from different foreign countries. Small citizens really need the help.

help “RG”

December 2018 was organized 7 special forces (4 from Iraq, 3 from Syria), 156 Russian children returned home to their relatives. Work for the return of young Russians to the homeland does not stop even in the face of the pandemic. Now more than 60 children ready to go, they are furnished the necessary documents. Removal of children will continue as soon as they lifted restrictions.