After a long weekend in the unit of the children’s Commissioner has addressed more than 220 applicants. According to her, as before, most of the applications concern the payment of benefits in isolation. The Russians were said category of recipients, the order of benefits, and complained of various obstacles in obtaining documents, including a technical nature. Many complaints focused on the issue of expanding the category of beneficiaries a lump sum in 10 thousand roubles (for example, to include in this category of children 16 and 17 years of age).

Another issue, which is also associated with the spread of the coronavirus that causes the separation of mother and baby with a positive test COVID one of them.

– We sent several requests to question the validity of the measures that have been adopted in several specific cases, says Anna Kuznetsova, with the hope that this situation will be held without undue excesses.

– can Not touch some high-profile cases with which we worked this week and continue to work still, – said children’s Ombudsman. In Ufa the employee of one of siparuta has posted a video as she pits the children. This, of course, aroused the righteous anger of many.

According to the children’s Ombudsman, “pseudo-employee” from the work suspended, investigation is underway, with children psychologists.

– unfortunately, this phenomenon is not the only – sigh Kuznetsova. – We often had to face at the exit in regions with such “competent” employees. How they are around children. The big question. For example, the case in the Kaliningrad region suggests that a proper examination staff did not pass: there was the reported crimes against sexual integrity of children. We therefore believe that urgent action is needed on the definition of a special procedure for selection of candidates for staff social orphanages. For our part, we prepared a request to the Ministry of education of the Russian Federation in this regard.

Anna Kuznetsova noted that the office of Ombudsman for children continues to follow closely the situation in Monchegorsk Murmansk region. We will remind, on March 25, in the intensive care unit received eight-year-old boy. Doctors discovered he had numerous injuries. The child’s eyes her mother was beaten by the stepfather. Alarming signals about the situation came last year, but no one paid attention.

– Now the stepfather is in jail, under investigation, criminal case, – tells Kuznetsova. – We are in contact with the Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor General’s office with all authorized agencies. It is very important to solve not only the issue of identification and punishment of all involved in this horrible case, but also to solve the issue of the further placement of the child.

the Children’s Ombudsman noted that in its work it has increasingly faced with cases of complaints to activity of bodies of guardianship and guardianship.

this week we have considered the case in the Voronezh region with a pregnant 13-year-old girl in the family, where it was transferred to 11 foster children – says Anna Kuznetsova. – Has opened a criminal case on employees of bodies of guardianship and guardianship, revealed multiple violations in the activities. In Kemerovo the child two years after the death of his mother was in the hospital, not receiving other support and help he really needed. Thanks to the intervention and quick response of the Prosecutor’s office we managed this situation to understand, the child is transferred to a boarding school.

To the office of children’s Ombudsman continues to receive complaints from citizens abroad who are in a difficult position.

– Only from Cuba received over a hundred complaints: many have already lost their jobs in Russia and have no opportunity to go back – says Anna Kuznetsova. – We are working with the Ministry of foreign Affairs and hope that in the near future these people will be able to help.