In the Temryuk district of Krasnodar region chief farmer of the region, the Chairman of the Association of peasant farms Victor Sergeev died saving a drowning child.

Swam to the boy, he pushed him to a safe place, but men from the transferred stress had a heart attack. When rescuers pulled him ashore, he was already dead. The cause of death apparently was a heart attack.

In April, Viktor turned 71. Almost 23 years he was President of the Association of the Kuban. Last year the Day of Russia at a ceremonial reception at the Governor Sergeyev was awarded the medal “For outstanding contribution in development of Kuban 1 degree.”

condolences to the family and friends of the deceased leader of the Kuban farmers was expressed by the President of AKKOR, Russia, State Duma Deputy Vladimir Plotnikov.

“it is With sorrow that I learned of the untimely passing of our friend, colleague and companion of Victor Vasilyevich Sergeyev, says it. A person devoted to the peasant cause, Victor his whole life was devoted to the service of the country, protection of interests of Russian village. He was at the forefront of farmers ‘ movement in his native Kuban and in Russia, were among those who created AKKOR, spared no effort for strengthening and development of the farming way of life. A real fighter, a man of direct and principled, spiritually generous, he left a good memory and will always be in our hearts.”

on Tuesday, June 15, Viktor Sergeev buried in Krasnodar according to Orthodox traditions. At 10 o’clock will begin the funeral service in the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the main temples of the Kuban capital.