Anastasia Kostenko called the “circus” of the judicial process for the payment of alimony by her husband for a daughter from a previous marriage.

Dmitry Tarasov was fighting for that child support was reduced. But the court decided differently – the player is obliged to pay the former a quarter of the family income. It is about 400 thousand rubles, writes StarHit

Kostenko believes that this solution will the family suffer in the current marriage.

“For years I watched the circus called “the trial” and tried to ignore everything and think that everything will be solved, honestly… but I will never remain silent and do nothing when I feel an injustice to my family, my children and I see them at a disadvantage. I hope that the law that apply to everyone, not as in the popular saying, not to be ignored by a person who has the power, but which so boldly and wickedly infringed the rights of my children. Everything that happened and was discussed inside involuntarily suggests certain ideas – obviously biased attitude to the case”, – she wrote in microblogging.

According to media reports, Dmitry Tarasov is not as neat as the payer of the alimony, and also does not show much interest in the fate of the eldest daughter.

In the words of the football player this happens because the mother sets the girl against him.

As previously reported, “the Rambler,” in my birthday present the wife of Dmitry Tarasov received the gift of an expensive car.

The audience is surprised: gifts for your beloved mothers and their children — that’s fine. But after that Dimitri struggled and fought for the reduction of child support for the eldest daughter of angelina from a previous wife on the grounds that the lack of decent income.

Publish from ANASTASIA TARASOVA (@kostenko.94) 27 Jun 2020 7:35 PDT