TV presenter Boris korchevnikov in the program “the Destiny of man” admitted that he is partially deaf in one ear. Five years ago he had surgery to remove the tumor, in which doctors touched the auditory nerve.

The guest of the latest edition of the program was the composer Igor Krutoy. In conversation with Koschevnikovi music figure told a few funny stories about my life. However, about the most ridiculous episode of the biography the composer had to remain silent, because to talk about it without the use of swear words, he said, will not work.

“I can’t hear a thing anyway!” noted korchevnikov.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, a Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon has promised to leave Boris Korchevnikov “no pants”, referring to the London court. Host of “the Destiny of man” allegedly used in his show excerpts from his interviews without attribution. Gordon called Korchevnikov “vile villain” and vowed to seize his multimillion-dollar compensation.