North Korean Leader Kim Jong-UN sent a congratulatory telegram on behalf of its people, Russian President Vladimir Putin and all Russian citizens on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. On Saturday said the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea.

“the Russian people, showing unprecedented heroism and dedication, achieved great Victory in a just war against fascism that threatened the fate of mankind and defended the Homeland and defend peace and security around the world” – quoted by TASS message of congratulations. North Korean leader stressed that the heroic deeds and historical merit of the Russian people will be eternal in the memory of the peoples of all countries who love justice and peace.

the leader of the DPRK wished Vladimir Putin and the Russians “by inheriting the great Victory in the war,” to achieve victory in the struggle for building a mighty Russia, and “halting the spread of a global pandemic of novel coronavirus infection.” Kim Jong UN also expressed confidence that the strategic and friendly relations between our countries will be strengthened and developed.

Note that today on the territory of the DPRK remain 11 fraternal and 345 individual graves in which are buried Soviet soldiers 1 375.