The comedian Garik Kharlamov published in Instagramнарезку of the frames of the series “Game of thrones”, which appeared in the form of daenerys Targaryen, replacing the face of the actress who played her on their own.

The comedian joked that the casting for this role, but “loot not met”.

“the First caste to Daenerys. 10 years passed, of course, as one day. Remember how hard it was then, had to fly to Iceland to sample direct between filming the Comedy. Just got off the plane, from the costume, makeup, wig and a dragon. The dragon was still small, it is also one of our played. Petrov in my opinion”, – said Kharlamov.

Fans laughed at his new look and suspected of a comedian in the desire to change sex after divorce with actress Christine Asmus.

“Garik after divorce wants a sex change????”, asked anjelikasam.

“Dineris like saw year…,” said arkhangelski_mikhail.

How to write “Rambler”, formerly Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov announced the divorce, stressing that the decision is not spontaneous and is not affected by any of the controversial film “Text”, or pandemic coronavirus, nor a third.