Kazakhstan began to soften quarantine

the Kazakh Authorities have begun to gradually withdraw the restrictive measures introduced to counter the spread of the coronavirus. This was stated by Prime Minister the Republic Askar Mamin, reports “Sputnik Kazakhstan”.

“Since April 20, in Nur-Sultan and Alma-ATA relaxed quarantine regime, resumed the activities of industrial enterprises in the construction industry and some types of services. (…) Depending on the epidemiological situation we will continue to gradually soften quarantine mode, allowing the work to other companies and business entities,” — said the head of government.

Mamin said that the same work will be carried out in other regions of the country. One of the conditions of lifting of quarantine measures, he called the strict observance of citizens sanitary-epidemiological security.

a state of emergency in Kazakhstan was introduced on March 16. Particularly severe restrictions are in the three largest cities — Nur-Sultan, Alma-ATA and Shymkent, where citizens are allowed to go out without having closed the entrances and exits.

According to the latest data, Kazakhstan 1949 coronavirus infected people, 19 have died. Total number infected with virus SARS-CoV-2 in the world exceeded 2.4 million people; 170 thousand died, 652 thousands cured.