Lawyer For what can be fined on 15 thousand due to coronavirus

Rustam, let’s recall who is prescribed today to sit at home?

Rustam Chernov: There is a category of people who by the decision of the health officers generally can not now leave the house, even to take out the trash or buy products.

people are either sick with coronavirus and are treated at home, or they came from abroad and are in a two-week isolation or was in contact with in sick. All of them must issue regulations. Health doctors rewrite their passport data and periodically visit to make sure that these people at home.

In some regions after someone got sick of the neighbors, at the entrances, and ads appear that all the tenants are obliged to stay at home. What does it mean?

Rustam Chernov: In the regions the rules are different. But such restrictions should always be personal. That is, if health officers have reason to believe that risk all the neighbors on the porch, they have to go around to every apartment to warn and to rewrite the personal data of the residents.

Perhaps, in those cases you are talking about, the bypass was. But not all the time was at home. Someone- at work or went out to the pharmacy. Therefore, if your entrance there was an announcement that everyone should isolate themselves, call the “hotline” of the Department of Rospotrebnadzor in the region and to clarify the specific situation around your house.

Why those didn’t go anywhere and had no contact with sick COVID-19, fine for a walk in the Park or on the Playground?

Rustam Chernov: In many regions, playgrounds, parks was among the places that forbidden to visit to remove all the restrictions. But these places have to be labeled, people should be clear that there can not enter. For example, playgrounds wind barrier strips, in parks close the gates and hang the ads.

What to do if you are stopped by the police?

Rustam Chernov: If your region is entered pass, then you need to show a pass and identity card or tell about your leaving the house, if you go from the store, I can show a receipt.

Remember, the police must also be submitted. If you stopped people need “to pay the fine on the spot”, don’t settle, it’s cheating, penalties are imposed exclusively by the court.

If the police believe that you committed the violation, they will offer you to go with them to the police to make a report. If you refuse, then you can be detained for up to three hours. In the Protocol you can specify that you do not agree with the actions of the police and indicate that leaving the house or being in a particular location was dictated by the acute n��the need.

After the Protocol police said goodbye and let you go on all four sides. What’s next?

Rustam Chernov: the Court. Typically, meetings occur the day after the Protocol. The date and time, you can check with the police or call the court in your area. Remember to come to trial is in your best interest.

What’s happening on the court?

Rustam Chernov: At the hearing voiced all the circumstances of the incident. You will have the opportunity to Express their arguments.

If you can prove that not violated the law on sanitary-epidemiological welfare of the population, for example, went through the Park, because it is the only way to the metro, the penalty therefore will not be. If you were convicted of an offense, you have the right to appeal the decision to a higher court.

is there a way to reduce the fines? 15 thousand too many for the walk.

Rustam Chernov: In the Code of administrative violations of the Russian Federation penalties clearly stated, they do not depend on the income of the citizen. In article 6.3, which stipulates penalties for violation of sanitary-epidemiological legislation, 15 thousand – the lowest bracket. As a rule, the courts will determine that is the punishment, and the maximum penalty for this offence is 40 thousand.

What to do if payment of the fine has no money?

Rustam Chernov: voluntary payment of the fine is two months. Then, in the case involving bailiffs.

If you lost your job, if your family income on the level of the minimum wage per person, if you have small children, no one to take away last money you will not. The bailiff may close your case after two months from initiation of enforcement proceedings with the phrase that recovery is impossible.

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