American singer Katy Perry recalled how in 2017 wanted to commit suicide. Her words quoted as saying in The Sun.

Perry said that during that period she broke up with British actor Orlando bloom. In addition, the singer was upset about a failed album Witness. Perry noted that it was her first failure in her musical career.

“I gave so much and it literally broke me in half,” said the singer.

She admitted that to recover helped her faith in God.

In February 2019 Katy Perry told about her engagement with the actor, put the photo where she is depicted together with the groom. Later, she also announced her pregnancy. A couple planned to marry in Japan in the summer, but they had to postpone the ceremony due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

The pair met on 73 award a Golden globe in January 2016. For a while bloom and Perry parted, however, in February of 2018, they announced the reunion. Previously the singer for two years was married to British comedian and writer Russell Brand. Bloom was married to Australian model Miranda Kerr. They have eight year old son.