goody grace and Kate beckinsale

Yesterday, the 46-year-old Kate beckinsale was spotted walking with her new boyfriend, 23-year-old musician goody Grace — in the lenses of the reporters they got while shopping in southern California. In the pictures the paparazzi cate and goody slowly walk down the street, hand in hand. The pair did not neglect the means of individual protection and went shopping in the disposable masks, but even with them in love has not escaped the scrutiny of reporters.

goody grace and Kate beckinsale

Recall the novel, cate and goody became known in mid-April when they got together in the lenses of the paparazzi during a romantic walk. Rumors about the relationship of the actress and budding rock musician appeared a few months before. Back in January of this year, they visited a secular party, which, by the way, tried to act quite distant.

After the Roman Beckinsale and Grace became public, many Internet users began to condemn the actress for the fact that she continually chooses men who could be her sons. The other day Kate, with her characteristic sarcasm even said to one of the haters criticizing her personal life.

All my relationships solely in order to annoy you

— wrote Beckinsale.

Before the meeting with Gudi Grace in the media actively discussed and other novels of Kate beckinsale. Her previous boyfriend was a 26-year-old Pete Davidson, and before him, the actress met with 24-year-old Matt Rife.