what’s the “Sochi” has sharply increased in the second half of the season?

Alexander Karapetian: we Have always had a good team. In the summer we just a week before season came together and did not have time to play, to meet you. And in the winter training session, work on fitness, team building. And knew it was time to get out of the mess in which we find ourselves.

Even probably the newcomers helped.

Alexander Karapetian: of Course, especially Kokorin. I’m a little surprised, after a pause, he’s so good. Although, on the other hand, it is time for accumulated energy. Sasha resembles a hungry lion, tiger. He wants to prove to all that capable.

Recently Kokorin said that he would like to play for Roma. He would be able to gain a foothold there?

Alexander Karapetian: Yes. I’m sure not 90 or 99 percent, and 100. He would any European team helped. He has a level of character.

Mkhitaryan did not consider the possible transition Kokorin in Roma?

Alexander Karapetian: No. But Henry loves football and watches all the leagues. And, of course, he knows who Kokorin. I think Mkhitaryan would be delighted at Sasha’s transition in “Roma”.

Against any team in the RPL is the hardest to play?

Alexander Karapetian: I really liked “Rostov”. Great team at Zenit. Still said “Krasnodar”. I think at this stadium, as they simply cannot play badly. This is not an arena, a movie, a fairy tale.

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