the Greek Government has transferred terms of opening of the tourist season and provided a plan for its launch. It is reported by the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) with reference to the document created a National organization of public health (EODY).

So, all the tourists staying in the country, before boarding the aircraft must provide a medical certificate testifying to absence of coronavirus and is made not later than 72 hours prior to departure. According to the Minister of tourism of Greece Haris Theoharis, in the presence of such a document, all passengers can be sure of your safety before you travel.

in Addition, each hotel will be obliged to conclude a contract with a health care provider who will monitor the status of guests and if necessary send them to the testing COVID-19. If the results are positive, the tourists will be sent to “quarantine room”, which will be allocated by the government specifically to house the infected.

According to the plans of local authorities, hotels of Greece will begin to open in June, and some of them will be equipped with special equipment that increase the level of security of the guests. For example, in hotels Resort Hotels will place a UV lamp that will sterilize spaces and surfaces.

In April, it became known that Greece is preparing for the opening of the resort season in June, and places where there were rare cases of infection with coronavirus, will be “highly in demand”. Thus, according to the Minister of tourism haritha Theoharis, a full season will open early July and will last at least three months, and because of the increased demand is likely to capture also October and November.