Justin Bieber

the 26-year-old singer Justin Bieber became embroiled in a sex scandal. According to one woman, the musician raped her in 2014 at the Four Seasons hotel in Austin. Another woman claims to have been a victim of sexual assault from the singer in 2015.

the next day, after the first accusation was made public, Bieber issued an official statement on Twitter.

I don’t Usually make requests on such topics as career had to deal with random charges, but after talking with my wife and I decided to speak about it. br>
there were always Rumors, but sexual violence is something I take seriously. I wanted to comment immediately, but out of respect for the large number of victims who are faced daily with these problems, I wanted to make sure that you have gathered the facts before making any statements. br>
In the last 24 hours on Twitter there is a new post with the story of how I became a member of the rape on March 9, 2014 in Austin, Texas at the Four Seasons hotel. I want to clarify. In this story there is no truth to that. In fact, I’ve never been there. Like that woman, I’m really surprised people when he appeared in Austin at the SXSW festival and sang a few songs. But what I did not know this woman, is that I was present there with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez,

— said the singer.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

He continued to prove his innocence and noted that along with Gomez and friends on 9 March, they stayed in apartment, and on March 10 — in the hotel Westin, as I am having some problems with the booking of their hotel Quinta LÀ. He even provided a receipt of booking.

Regional Manager Four Seasons also confirmed that I was not at the hotel nor 9, nor 10 Mar, and I’ll say it in the media, if required. 10 Mar Selena left, and I stayed at the Westin, as seen in the receipts. We booked it for a couple of days to stay on the show Def Jam, but I left the 11th number, to return home,

— explained Bieber.

Every single claim of sexual abuse should be taken very seriously and that is why my answer was necessary. But history is virtually impossible, which is why I’m working with Twitter and the authorities to take all lawful measures

he concluded.

however, Bieber has not commented on another post of a woman who was allegedly the victim of sexual assault from his side in 2015. But, according to sources, both these statements are untrue — in both cases, Justin has a solid alibi.

Justin Bieber with his wife Hayley