the Amendment to the Constitution, abdoulaya presidential terms of Vladimir Putin required to ensure that officials are no longer distracted by the issue of transfer of power. This was stated by the head of the Committee on constitutional legislation of the Federation Council, co-chair of the working group on amendment of the Constitution Andrey Klishas.

According to him, the system in Russia continued to operate, the political class of the country – from civil servants to MPs should “stop talking about there will be a successor”, and when the change of the President.

“[the Officials], in a sense, needs to get used to the idea that then it will be all the same, that the President can be elected again if people will support these amendments in the Constitution,” Klishas said in an interview with RBC.

He added that in Russia there is the problem of personalized power, and many people think that existing laws, including the Basic law, can be rewritten as anyone, but with the departure of Putin “everything will be revised.” Therefore, he concluded Klishas, Putin for most Russians is the main guarantor. And introduced amendments to reduce presidential powers in favor of other authorities.

“So the President makes the political system more stable,” – said the Senator.

He stressed that the political system should not be strongly dependent on the particular individual that occupies the presidency.

the Amendment proposed on March 10, a Deputy of the “United Russia” Tatiana Tereshkova, provides for the abolition of limiting the number of presidential terms and allows Vladimir Putin re-elected President for two terms for 6 years.

the Vote on the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation will take place on 1 July. Also, you can vote in advance in electronic form, starting from June 25.

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