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the 75th anniversary of the great Victory, the oldest Russian newspaper “Young guard” timed to the release in the famous series “Life of remarkable people” books about the heroes of the great Patriotic war – as the famous and relatively unknown. The latter belongs to Ivan Ivanovich Fedyuninsky (1900-1977), which, by analogy with the “marshals of Victory”, can be called a General Victory. Passing the combat from a soldier to General of the army, he played in the war a key role in the defense of Leningrad and break its blockade, the liberation of the Baltic States and East Prussia. His first biography in the series “ZHZL” has created a well-known military writer Sergei Mikheenkov – author of books about the marshals Zhukov, Konev, Rokossovsky and other heroes of the war. Great help in the preparation and publication of the book was provided by the natives of Tyumen region – neighbors in General.