Valeria – man sport. She regularly trains and generally trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

As a result, excellent physical shape, what again could to make sure her fans saw new photos.

But her husband, Joseph Prigogine – holder of sturdy, chunky, somewhat heavy figure.

And until recently, in substantial excess weight. However, following the example of his wife, and he became interested in the training. The result is evident.

Valeria posted instagram photos from training in the fresh air.

Both husband and wife demonstrate the stretch. The singer she’s flawless, the producer makes polespechat in the rack not so gracefully.

Nevertheless, perfectly clear that Prigogine seriously fit.


Members are happy for their idols and do not skimp on the praise, in the first place, managed to lose weight producer.

“Joseph – cypress!”, “”Hurrah! His stomach had gone from Joseph”, “a Thin, class!”, “Wow, Joseph is a good fit”.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the Laysan utiasheva recently told reporters that happiness is not about money and that she can perfectly live on 50 thousand roubles.

Joseph Prigogine these words seriously angered. Earnings of the athletes and TV stars such amount is not comparable.

Publish from VALERIYA (@valeriya) 8 Aug 2020 6:28 PDT