Hollywood actor johnny Depp called his ex-wife amber heard “amber Shit” (Amber Turd) after her bowel movement on the bed. Reported by the Daily Mail on Friday, July 10.

About the nickname, it became known during the meeting of the court which considers the claim of Depp to the newspaper The Sun. Attorney Sasha wass, representing the newspaper, asked whether the actor made fun of his wife after the incident.

“It was one of the most absurd and unexpected statements in my life, so Yes, I laughed at this, because it was very strange,” replied Depp.

Earlier it was reported that the reason for the urinating on the bed was heard to make fun of Depp, who suggested that the feces belonged to her or one of her friends. The incident occurred in 2016, on the birthday of the actress. The actor added that that day made the decision about divorcing heard.

First for divorce in may 2016 filed heard. She announced that her husband beat her. Depp later filed a lawsuit against Hurd and demanded 50 million dollars for an article in The Sun where she calls herself a victim of domestic violence, calling the publication a libel. Later, the network leaked the conversation of the stars, in which the actress confessed to beating ex-husband.